13th January 2020


 The Complutense University renews its laboratories with Flores Valles

The Complutense University of Madrid relies again on Flores Valles for the renovation of the furniture of the Faculty of Chemical Sciences where laboratories are a fundamental part of its facilities.

The laboratories of the Faculty of Chemical Sciences date in the year 1974. These were designed and conditioned by the company Flores Valles, which has continued with the maintenance and renovation work to date (See the images below that show the old furniture and equipment like the fume hoods).

With a constructed area of ​​about 1,975 m², distributed mainly on two floors, the faculty now has new laboratories worthy of the 21st century. Now resistance, quality and safety of the facilities has been optimized for teaching and experimentation work .

Most of the equipment installed in the faculty have generalized extraction systems and in some of them located systems. But currently, some gas recirculation fume hoods have been provided and installed, solving the problem that they had in the installations for the extraction of fumes in one of the lower floors of the same.