Flores Valles overcomes administration process


December 3, 2018


In sentence of November 29, the judge of the Court of Madrid (Juzgado de lo Mercantil número 12) has approved the agreement that Flores Valles signed with its creditors last May, thus closing the financial restructuration process that has taken over 9 months.

With this ruling, the judge “declares the cessation of all the effects of the declaration of insolvency” and “declares the dismissal of the insolvency administration”, recovering, therefore, the administrative normality of the management of the company.

During this time, and despite the difficulties that the situation entailed, Flores Valles has completed, new projects as important as the VP Plaza de España Design, Portaventura and Canalejas hotels in the kitchen sector; Laboratorios IDIS, SUNAT in Peru, INDICASAT labs in Panama, AGROSAVIA in Colombia, ANAR in Romania,  Aramco & National Water Company in Saudi Arabia in the laboratory sector among others.

Flores Valles will continue working to generate trust relationships with its customers and will continue to provide a high quality product and fully adapted to their needs.

We want to thank the collaboration and commitment of each and everyone of the people who are part of the Flores Valles team and the support and trust of customers and suppliers.

The company has been renewed and made stronger, optimizing its processes and enhancing its capabilities to continue serving customers as we have been doing the last 188 years.