Turipaná Research and Development Center in Colombia


10 June, 2019


Turipaná Research Center of Agrosavia in Colombia has opened its laboratories designed and supplied by Flores Valles SA

On May 31st in Colombia, the laboratories supplied by Flores Valles of the Turipaná research center of Agrosavia (Colombian agricultural research corporation, formerly Corpoica) were opened again.

Agrosavia‘s complex is composed by13 R&D centers, which the one at Turipaná is one of the most important projects in the agricultural sector in the Region.

Presidents of Colombia, Iván Duque, and Agrosavia´s CEO, Jorge Mario Díaz, together with the minister of agriculture, Andrés Valencia came up to the inauguration.

The new laboratories were designed, manufactured and installed by  Flores Valles. 800 m2 with 7 laboratories were equipped with highest quality and technology available into the market, and its purpose is to promote the agricultural research in Colombia.