Fume hoods

Fume hoods

Fume hoods are key elements in laboratories as they guarantee the users´ safety and maintain the lab´s environment free of chemical agents aggressions of the chemicals  handled within it; such as fumes, toxic fumes or dust and also serve as a physical barrier that can contain any incident that may  occur inside the hood such as chemicals spills, reactions, explosions or even fires.

What makes us stand out


Continuous improvement, our reason for being.

In Flores Valles we are committed to quality as a basic parameter of work. Being our main added value the dedication both to the product and the company, always through continuous improvement in our processes and methodologies and selecting always first quality materials.

More than 50 years of presence in the laboratory sector, fully committed to the research and the improvement of the technology of our Gas Showcase, are the result of our success. A success which has led us to achieve our greatest commitment, the satisfaction of our customers.

Safety and Efficiency

Safety and energy saving, our priority.

Many of the works carried out in a laboratory carries a high level of risk for the user. Therefore all of our designs have been developed so that air flow lines are evenly distributed along its length; thus ensuring all safety assessments collected EN 14175 standard in terms of containment and robustness and with minimum energy consumption.
Once guaranteed the safety of the user, main objective of a Gas Showcases, a good laboratory project must integrate the requirements of these within the climate of the room or the building management. Thus is achieved to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact.


High value-added product.

For our I+D+i team, the security and the ergonomics of a laboratory is a priority that is reflected in the design and the choice of the raw materials of our teams.

We base the design and manufacture of our product, especially in I+D+i, which makes it an element of high added value. Continuous research has enabled us to achieve maximum optimization of our products, anticipating market trends and merging design with the latest technologies.

“Quality, safety and efficiency are our pillars”

Our range

In Flores Valles we have a wide range of Gas Showcases for different types of use, being designed to comply with the most demanding regulationsEN 14175.

The different sizes, models and equipment possibilities allow to configure the product in a totally flexible way, adapting it to the needs of the user. Externally, manufactured in laminated steel with polymerized epoxy coating in the furnace, they have a high chemical and fire resistance (A2s1d0) and are inalterable against humidity. Inside, the materials will vary depending on the work to be done.

Its aerodynamic design favors the flow of air from the outside and avoids that turbulences are generated that can alter the high levels of containment of our Gas Showcases.

The external front columns are individually recordable and removable to facilitate access to services, and are prepared to fix up to 10 services and 6 plugs, control panel and protections.